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Overview of catalogue evolution

The Italian catalogue of earthquakes is the result of several subsequent revisions and different stages characterised its compilation. The data set initially used for intermediate-term medium-range prediction purposes was obtained by Keilis-Borok et al. (1990) integrating the catalogues ENEL and ING (see Caputo, 2000 and references therein) with the events reported by the CSEM (European-Mediterranean Data File 1976-1988, Strasbourg 1989).

In a second step the ENEL+CSEM data have been replaced by the PFG catalogue (Progetto Finalizzato Geodinamica; Postpischl, 1985), resulting from the integration and revision of the data available for the Italian territory. Thus, the PFGING catalogue (Costa et al., 1995) was assembled updating the PFG catalogue (time interval: 1000-1979) with the ING bulletins (available for the time interval 1980- July 1997).

Later on, the Current Catalogue of Italy CCI1996 (Peresan et al., 1997) was issued, which consists of a revised version of the PFGING catalog, incorporating the information provided by the ISC bulletins (International Seismological Centre; 1976-1990) and by the CFT catalogue ("Catalogo dei Forti Terremoti in Italia dal 461 a. C. al 1980"; Boschi et al., 1995). The revision has been performed at first on the basis of information from ISC bulletins, 1976-1990, in order to correct depth, magnitude and obvious errors in coordinates determinations. After that the origin time, coordinates and intensities were corrected according to the CFT estimations in the time period 1000-1980.

Recently, the ING bulletins compiled at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, which were used to update the Italian catalogue since 1980, resulted to be biased by a relevant underestimation of the local magnitudes (Peresan et al., 2000), starting approximately in 1987. This prevents their use for the routine monitoring of seismicity and makes it necessary to update the Italian catalogue with a different data set, thus leading us to compile the UCI2001 catalogue.